Three members of the public have received awards for saving a life when they helped a police officer with the rescue of a drowning woman in the freezing sea off the Suffolk coast.

The trio - who did not wish to be named - have received certificates of commendation from the Royal Humane Society for helping Suffolk Police Special Constable Kyle Scott, who had waded into the water in his full police kit to reach her after spotting her face down.

All three came to the water's edge to help drag her to safety before providing first aid and cutting off the woman's saturated clothing to prevent hypothermia.

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A police citation read: "Their brave actions saved the female’s life."

The incident happened in March 2023 off Felixstowe seafront after the vulnerable woman was reported missing by a friend and the woman was unresponsive.

For his actions, Special Constable Scott has been nominated for a Police Federation of England and Wales Bravery Award.

The incident happened off Felixstowe seafrontThe incident happened off Felixstowe seafront (Image: Sarah Lucy Brown) In May, he told the EADT 'it was a natural reaction' to pull the woman to safety and described the sea as 'very cold', while he did not know what the currents were doing when he went into the water.

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Mr Scott added: “I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. It gives you a big sense of pride.

“I think it’s the way the police work. We go in to work, put the uniform on and we get on with it.

“We’re there to serve and protect and that’s what we did. There’s never any hesitation.”

The Royal Humane Society is a charity that grants awards for acts of bravery in the saving of human life and the restoration of life by resuscitation.

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